Episode 4

Not Quite an Album Yet...


April 13th, 2020

59 mins 42 secs

Season 1

Your Hosts

About this Episode


We had a fully hosted episode recorded only to realize that it really was all screwed up because of the getting used to zooming (podcasting on zoom). We are proud to be able to continually bring you distractions, episodes, and entertainment at a time when people may actually need it the most. The zoom is something to get used to recording off of after only now getting a rhythm together intiallly. I know we can rely on your patience.

Basically, Jed was on the intial recording- but could not make the re-record, so Robb and I (friends of 20 years) just shoot the shit about music and spray to all fields with a lot of awesome music peppered in. Lots of stories, some smoking music, and great conversation.

Setlist (with fair use in tact)

They Never Got You - Spoon
NY Money - White Denim
Bad Decisions - Strokes
Born Under Punches - Phish
Moving out - Aerosmith
How Many Times - Led Zepplin
Rock and Roll - Led Zepplin
Free man in Paris - Joni
Fairies with Boots - Black Sabbath

Check it out, and we look forward to the return of Jed - whose free time got annihalated with at-home kids during stay-at-home orders. We'll definitely hear from Jed next week.